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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WakeUp Sid !!

We have seen CM Siddaramaiah doze off on various occasions like many a inauguration ceremonies and sometimes even in the legislative assembly. It was alright if the CM was found sleeping on some occasions, but the hard truth is the Siddaramaiah Government is  seen sleeping over many issues plaguing the state of Karnataka. Be  it the drought situation in 17 districts, farmer suicides , safety and security of school kids, garbage crisis to name a few. The government is rather reactive than a proactive one. It almost feels like the CM and his government is waiting for something to happen , so that some action could be taken.

This lackadaisical attitude was clearly evident in many companies leaving the State for greener pastures in AP lured by the high tech chief minister ChandraBabu Naidu. Hero Motors pulling out of the state due to lack of response from the state is a case in point. If the govt would have responded proactively, it would have provided job oppurtunities for many youth in the state. Recently, Chief  of Bocsh Dr.Stephen Berns openly chided the Sidaramaih govt for its lazy governance in the presence of top officials and Rural Development minister. He even went to the extent of warning to pull out all the  future investments from the state , if things did not improve. This shows the level of frustration among the industry heads in that state, especially this coming from a company that was one of the earliest to setup factories in the state. The same was the case with Infosys which warned of pulling out from building a Tech Park near Devanahalli. It complained that despite money being deposited with the govt for providing basic infrastructure like road,electricity and water, the govt seem to have done nothing for the past 5 years.

Take the 'Garbage Crisis' in Bengaluru which made global headlines. CM Siddaramaiah took the lead and said a long term solution would be found to the issue. But , look at what has been done till now. Where are the long term solutions that were being discussed ? People surrounding the Garbage processing units still have the bear the overflowing leach-ate, the foul smell and off course  the diseases that come with it.

The general feeling is there is no accountability in the govt. Remember the much criticized junket by the MLAs last year. When the CM was confronted the answer was ''I dont know. Ask some one else". Have you looked at the way the CM talks to the media persons when confronted with questions. There is an overwhelming sense of ego and ''I am not answerable to anyone" tone hidden in it. The issue of his convoy creating huge traffic jams in the city made headlines recently. And what was the answer - "I am the CM and people have to bear with it". These were his exact words.

CM Siddaramaih still believes in old style politics of freebies - Anna Bhagya, Shaadi Bhagya and what not. Off course , no one can deny the benefits of the Anna Bhagya scheme which is feeding lakhs of poor people. No one is criticizing him for the schemes, but he has to rise up to the 'Development politics''. People now expect to hear about his vision for the state of Karnataka, what are his views on the issues plaguing the state and how he plans to face them. He needs to learn the new style politics from his peers in high performing states. Otherwise people will loose faith in the government . This was clearly evident in the recent BBMP elections, where people voted for the incumbent BJP despite the scams and the rampant corruption, as one commentator said - "People voted for the BJP not beacuse they were good, but they voted because the Congress was bad" .

Rise Up. Rise Up. Wake Up Sid !!!

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