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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get out Jaswant

This was the message given to senior leader Jaswant Singh from the party parliamentary board of BJP.No one expected such astern response from BJP.That too before the Chinthan bhaitak where the party was expected to discuss the reasons for its recent debacle in Lok sabha elections.By firing this salvo , BJP has sent out a clear message to the dissenting voices within BJP, that these voices will be not be tolerated and the consequences would be severe.

Was this action Justified ?

The Question of whether the action was justified/not is not a big deal.But,the way in which this Diktat was fired is completely unjustified.This is not the way to deal with a person who started his political career with the party and served it for 30 odd years.The party could have atleast done the follg :
  • Consulted Jaswant about his views on Jinnah and then could have taken the matter forward.
  • Could have completely analysed the content of the Book before jumping into conclusions.This is because there are rumors that this decision was based on a PTI report about the contents of the Book.This report also spoke only abstractly about the content of the book.
  • Could have called Jaswant personally and told about this decision which would have saved Jaswant from unecessary public embarassment.

So, can we expect the same action against Vasundhara Raje for her oepn Revolt ?

The answer is a strict "No". This is because Raje is a mass leader with a huge following within the party.BJP cannot stand to loose its ground in Rajasthan by dealing with her in a similar way.Jaswant was not a mass leader, so the consequences of not having him on board was not that much .But, that is not the case with Raje.So, definitely Raje will be given preferential Traetment.

If this is the way ahead for BJP, the day is not far when it will loose all its top brass in petty fights.

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