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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recession Series : Life in an IT firm

Recession is everywhere.It has hit the banking,textile , real estate , automobile and all the sectors.But, where the effectt of recession is hyped the most is in the IT industry.Because it the sector where you can see the drastic effects of the global economic dowturn.

You can literally see the effect recession has had in the face of these IT guys.It can very much be seen on their face.There is sombre mood everywhere.It starts in the company bus in the morning.There is no smile on any ones face.Every day seems like monday.It seems these people are carrying the whole world on their heads.

Next is the cafeteria, where in you dont hear any words except project ramp down,free pool,bench, loosing clients.There is no occasional loud laughters by a group of girls.Every one is immersed in his own world.

Then people who are into some projects and have some work , go on with their work.Even they are an unhappy lot,as they have to put in more efforts for the same pay.There is pressure from the managers to meet the deadlines.It can also sometimes turn harsh and rude, because they know that there is no oppurtunity anywhere else.One has to continue slavery under this manager for a long time to come.

Friday is not the most expected day of the week anymore. Friday evening team meetings usually end with statements like-"So , are we all coming to office this weekend. Lets all finish off the work that we have by this weekend...".

So, when does an IT guy live a life for himself ???????????

Nautanki in state Legislatures

We all saw our the scenes of our legislators jumping on the desks,throwing and tearing out papers and almost trying to assault the speaker of the house in the last 3 days.It was not an isolated incident.First it was the turn of UP assembly, then came AP and now Orissa.The scene is the same in all the 3 state legislative assemblies.

I doubt all this slogan shouting, jumping on the desks of the speaker and other things are scripted to the finest detail by the political leaderships of these MLAs.These MLAs think that by displaying their nautanki in the assembly session where there is huge media presence will bring them in the spot light and they can appease their vote bank about how much they care and struggle on important issues.

Its really a national shame to see our elected representatives behave like this in these great instituitions of democracy.I felt really bad that we have elected such monkeys to rule us and do something good for us.These are the ones who frame the policies and manage the finances of the people.

Until and unless some educated and professionals enter politics, the nautanki of our elected representatives will continue.But , are we the educated and professionals ready to enter politics ? That is the big question...

Lok Sabha 2009 series : Voter Facilitation centres

The election comission has established one stop shop for all your Voter registration and other problems.These are called the "Voter Facilitation centres" or VFC.The following are the services provided by these VFCs :

  • Adding your name into Electoral list
  • Deleting your name from the electoral list
  • Change of address within your constituency
  • Correction in your registration details
  • Any other queries related to elections

It is established in all the districts of karnataka with 7 in bangalore alone.It will be open on weekends also,so that working professionals can also avail of the services.

Make best use of it and please make sure that you are voting this time..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lok Sabha 2009 series :To Do List

The following are some of the must do in the run up to the lok sabha elections in april 2009.We especially the youth need to do these things, because this time around which party comes to power at the centre will have a huge bearing on the issues related to youth like Joblosses, new employment oppurtunities,communalism, moral policing and many more..

So, the following is a tentative list of the things one needs to do in the runup to the Lok Sabha Elections:

  • Get to know your constituency
  • Collect info about the major parties and the candidates who are in the fray.Please do not ignore loud announcements over loud speakers campaigning for some candidate.
  • Get to know about the background,qualifications and the qualities of various candiadates.You can get to know the info about the candidates from the Election comission website.Also, talk to the people in your neighbourhood and get to know the real person behind the candidate.
  • Closely follow up the election campaign of various candidates in your constituency and get to know of their ideas and opinions on various issues.This will help you decide whom to vote and why to vote for.
  • Check whether your name is included in the electoral list.If not get it added.Vist for more info.
  • Having an election card is not mandatory to vote.If you have a valid identity proof like DL,Passport,ration card,etc.
  • Get to know of the election date in your constituency
  • Please make it a point to get out of your home and vote on the day of elections
  • Please do not treat the election day as just another holiday and go for shopping.

Read on my further posts in this "Lok Sabha2009 Series"......


Elections are coming in april and each political party is busy announcing its prime ministerial candidate.BJP has been telling from a long time that L K Advani would be its prime ministerial candidate.Congress which was jittery on this matter, has come out finally saying that Manmohan Singh would be its prime ministerial candidate.And offcourse, how can we forget the prime ministerial aspirants from the third front like Mayawati,Mulayam singh yadav and Lalu prasad yadav.

India needs a strong and intelligent leadership ,especially in the present situation when India is facing many problems like rising unemployment due to global economic down turn,increasing terror attacks in various cities,etc.Foreign policy also matters a lot as we have to deal with unwilling Pakistan with a stern hand,while keeping the international community confident.We also need to look out for ahealthy relation with the Obama government, as his policies will affect Indian industries especially the IT,ITES and textile sector.

Now, lets analyse who would make for suitable leader for our country keeping the above things in mind.

  • Dr.Manmohan Singh

Manmohan singh is no doubt intelligent and has the capacity to deal with the present financial downturn.His foreign policy has also been good and benificial to the country like Nuclear Deal with US.But, he has been mostly criticised for his uncharismatic leadership.But, he is a good candidate for prime minister, no doubt.

  • L K Advani

L K Advani is also equally good as a leader.He and his team will look after the country really well.Foreign policy is also not a matter of concern which we have seen during the kargil War.But the only concern is the communal shade that the BJP has.It may distance itself from the fringe organisations like Bajrang dal, Ram Sena, but its mum nature especially after the mangalore pub incident cannot be looked away.

  • Mayawati

Mayawati knows only to scream and talk in huge election rallies.She always talks about dalit welfare,dalit-brahmin seat sharing.She is definitely not capable of leading a country like India in the present context.Even the word foreign policy needs to be looked up from the dictionary for mayawati. She is definitely not capable of leading our country.

  • Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam singh also belongs to the same category as Mayawati.Atleast mayawati is educated.Goondaism will definitely rise if he comes to power at the center.UP and Bihar like stuation will prevail over the whole nation.He is also a strict no no.

  • Lalu prasad yadav

There is very little chance of Laluji becoming our PM.But ,definitely he has the capacity which he has shown by being our railway minister.But the only concern is will he be able to deal with the present economic crisis and offcourse increasingly complex foreign affairs.

With the situation like this we need to vote for the right party, so that completely incapable person should not be at the helm of affairs of this great country.

Vote for the right party in this coming Lok sabha Elections.

I have created a new Group "Samaj Seva"

I have created a new google group samaj seva , as the name itself indicates to do some samaj seva.I cannot do it alone.So, i am looking for like minded people who want to contribute something to the society.

If you have an inclination towards social service ,then please join the group by subscribing to samaj-seva button in the top of this web page.Also , do visit the group website to know more about samaj seva.

The idea is to run 1 social campaign for each month.Now,since the lok sabha elections are round the corner, the idea is to discuss,debate and do something usefull in this regard.

Wait for my further posts for more details...

Youth in LimeLight

Once again its that time in years that india goes to polls.I am talking of the lok sabha elections that will be held in April/May this year.All the political parties are busy strategising their election campaigns,agenda,tactics and what not.But one thing that is striking this time around is that so much is being talked about Youth.

The word Youth is everywhere.Advani talks about this wherever he goes.Sonia Gandhi talks about this.Rajiv pratap rudy, media man of BJP talks about this.Finally the karnataka pradesh youth congress is also making its bid to attract youth into its party.

As the focus has shifted to targetting the youth this time, the media used to reach the target audience has changed.Its not the same old print media, but it is the internet that is being used to reach younsters like us.You see Advani following the footsteps of amitabh ,amir and others in writing blogs.I must say the blogs written by advani are really worth reading.One thing that i also liked about Advani , is his sppeeches that is made available on his website.I was really influenced ny his speeches.But, at the state level i dont think that i can vote for the BJP,especially after it kept mum on the Mangalore pub incident and its silent support to the RamSena.

So, we the youngsters must make use of the spotlight that is there on us now and demand answers from these political parties.Its time to understand the stand taken by various political parties on the issues affecting us like recession,rising unemployment,moral policing,communalism,goondaism,etc.Only when we come to understand these views that we will be able to make informed decisions about which party is to be voted for and which is to be kicked out for their dirty work.

So,please listen to what these politicians have to say and then vote who you think deserve to rule the country for the next 5 years.


My Social Enterprise

I want to start a business that does something good for the society but at the same time is profitable.There was a television show recently which had a group of youngsters fro across india travelling in a train and visting various social enterprises across the country.The trip was called "jaagrithi yatra".I really got inspired by these youngsters who were thinking jsut like me.It has added much more fuel to my thought.

My first social enterprise is going to be my soon to be launched website.More about my website in my later posts.

The website i am talking about will be a community website that plans to bring people in their respective localities together.The website will totally run from peoples ideas and writings.

Want to do some Social service ?

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