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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recession Series : Life in an IT firm

Recession is everywhere.It has hit the banking,textile , real estate , automobile and all the sectors.But, where the effectt of recession is hyped the most is in the IT industry.Because it the sector where you can see the drastic effects of the global economic dowturn.

You can literally see the effect recession has had in the face of these IT guys.It can very much be seen on their face.There is sombre mood everywhere.It starts in the company bus in the morning.There is no smile on any ones face.Every day seems like monday.It seems these people are carrying the whole world on their heads.

Next is the cafeteria, where in you dont hear any words except project ramp down,free pool,bench, loosing clients.There is no occasional loud laughters by a group of girls.Every one is immersed in his own world.

Then people who are into some projects and have some work , go on with their work.Even they are an unhappy lot,as they have to put in more efforts for the same pay.There is pressure from the managers to meet the deadlines.It can also sometimes turn harsh and rude, because they know that there is no oppurtunity anywhere else.One has to continue slavery under this manager for a long time to come.

Friday is not the most expected day of the week anymore. Friday evening team meetings usually end with statements like-"So , are we all coming to office this weekend. Lets all finish off the work that we have by this weekend...".

So, when does an IT guy live a life for himself ???????????

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