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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nautanki in state Legislatures

We all saw our the scenes of our legislators jumping on the desks,throwing and tearing out papers and almost trying to assault the speaker of the house in the last 3 days.It was not an isolated incident.First it was the turn of UP assembly, then came AP and now Orissa.The scene is the same in all the 3 state legislative assemblies.

I doubt all this slogan shouting, jumping on the desks of the speaker and other things are scripted to the finest detail by the political leaderships of these MLAs.These MLAs think that by displaying their nautanki in the assembly session where there is huge media presence will bring them in the spot light and they can appease their vote bank about how much they care and struggle on important issues.

Its really a national shame to see our elected representatives behave like this in these great instituitions of democracy.I felt really bad that we have elected such monkeys to rule us and do something good for us.These are the ones who frame the policies and manage the finances of the people.

Until and unless some educated and professionals enter politics, the nautanki of our elected representatives will continue.But , are we the educated and professionals ready to enter politics ? That is the big question...

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