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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Elections are coming in april and each political party is busy announcing its prime ministerial candidate.BJP has been telling from a long time that L K Advani would be its prime ministerial candidate.Congress which was jittery on this matter, has come out finally saying that Manmohan Singh would be its prime ministerial candidate.And offcourse, how can we forget the prime ministerial aspirants from the third front like Mayawati,Mulayam singh yadav and Lalu prasad yadav.

India needs a strong and intelligent leadership ,especially in the present situation when India is facing many problems like rising unemployment due to global economic down turn,increasing terror attacks in various cities,etc.Foreign policy also matters a lot as we have to deal with unwilling Pakistan with a stern hand,while keeping the international community confident.We also need to look out for ahealthy relation with the Obama government, as his policies will affect Indian industries especially the IT,ITES and textile sector.

Now, lets analyse who would make for suitable leader for our country keeping the above things in mind.

  • Dr.Manmohan Singh

Manmohan singh is no doubt intelligent and has the capacity to deal with the present financial downturn.His foreign policy has also been good and benificial to the country like Nuclear Deal with US.But, he has been mostly criticised for his uncharismatic leadership.But, he is a good candidate for prime minister, no doubt.

  • L K Advani

L K Advani is also equally good as a leader.He and his team will look after the country really well.Foreign policy is also not a matter of concern which we have seen during the kargil War.But the only concern is the communal shade that the BJP has.It may distance itself from the fringe organisations like Bajrang dal, Ram Sena, but its mum nature especially after the mangalore pub incident cannot be looked away.

  • Mayawati

Mayawati knows only to scream and talk in huge election rallies.She always talks about dalit welfare,dalit-brahmin seat sharing.She is definitely not capable of leading a country like India in the present context.Even the word foreign policy needs to be looked up from the dictionary for mayawati. She is definitely not capable of leading our country.

  • Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam singh also belongs to the same category as Mayawati.Atleast mayawati is educated.Goondaism will definitely rise if he comes to power at the center.UP and Bihar like stuation will prevail over the whole nation.He is also a strict no no.

  • Lalu prasad yadav

There is very little chance of Laluji becoming our PM.But ,definitely he has the capacity which he has shown by being our railway minister.But the only concern is will he be able to deal with the present economic crisis and offcourse increasingly complex foreign affairs.

With the situation like this we need to vote for the right party, so that completely incapable person should not be at the helm of affairs of this great country.

Vote for the right party in this coming Lok sabha Elections.

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