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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Youth in LimeLight

Once again its that time in years that india goes to polls.I am talking of the lok sabha elections that will be held in April/May this year.All the political parties are busy strategising their election campaigns,agenda,tactics and what not.But one thing that is striking this time around is that so much is being talked about Youth.

The word Youth is everywhere.Advani talks about this wherever he goes.Sonia Gandhi talks about this.Rajiv pratap rudy, media man of BJP talks about this.Finally the karnataka pradesh youth congress is also making its bid to attract youth into its party.

As the focus has shifted to targetting the youth this time, the media used to reach the target audience has changed.Its not the same old print media, but it is the internet that is being used to reach younsters like us.You see Advani following the footsteps of amitabh ,amir and others in writing blogs.I must say the blogs written by advani are really worth reading.One thing that i also liked about Advani , is his sppeeches that is made available on his website.I was really influenced ny his speeches.But, at the state level i dont think that i can vote for the BJP,especially after it kept mum on the Mangalore pub incident and its silent support to the RamSena.

So, we the youngsters must make use of the spotlight that is there on us now and demand answers from these political parties.Its time to understand the stand taken by various political parties on the issues affecting us like recession,rising unemployment,moral policing,communalism,goondaism,etc.Only when we come to understand these views that we will be able to make informed decisions about which party is to be voted for and which is to be kicked out for their dirty work.

So,please listen to what these politicians have to say and then vote who you think deserve to rule the country for the next 5 years.


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