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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lok Sabha 2009 series :To Do List

The following are some of the must do in the run up to the lok sabha elections in april 2009.We especially the youth need to do these things, because this time around which party comes to power at the centre will have a huge bearing on the issues related to youth like Joblosses, new employment oppurtunities,communalism, moral policing and many more..

So, the following is a tentative list of the things one needs to do in the runup to the Lok Sabha Elections:

  • Get to know your constituency
  • Collect info about the major parties and the candidates who are in the fray.Please do not ignore loud announcements over loud speakers campaigning for some candidate.
  • Get to know about the background,qualifications and the qualities of various candiadates.You can get to know the info about the candidates from the Election comission website.Also, talk to the people in your neighbourhood and get to know the real person behind the candidate.
  • Closely follow up the election campaign of various candidates in your constituency and get to know of their ideas and opinions on various issues.This will help you decide whom to vote and why to vote for.
  • Check whether your name is included in the electoral list.If not get it added.Vist for more info.
  • Having an election card is not mandatory to vote.If you have a valid identity proof like DL,Passport,ration card,etc.
  • Get to know of the election date in your constituency
  • Please make it a point to get out of your home and vote on the day of elections
  • Please do not treat the election day as just another holiday and go for shopping.

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