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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Afternoon in Dublin(A Photo Blog)

Trinity College

 "Hello.I am not feeling well today.So ,will be on sick leave "-i said to my manager on phone while on a bus to Dublin.This is how i started my journey to Dublin on one fine weekday when every one else was toiling in office and here i was enjoying my sick leave.

After finishing some personal work i had, it was time to scan the city as much as possible in whetever little time i had.

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I started my lonely tour with Trinity College.

This is the college where great people like Jonthan swift roamed around the campus as students.

What a vast campus it has !!!
 Looking at the campus and the people from different cultures, i felt i should have gone for Higher education in a college like this.
 Right at the moment where i was going back to my college days, a girl walking from the opposite direction stopped before me and asked-"Do you know where the Berkley Library is ??".

I said-"Sorry.Even i am new here" , as if i was a new student there.

Felt good.

For a moment atleast , i was a College Student,not a Software Engineer.

 Came out of Trinity College to take a stroll on the  O 'Connell Street

Dublin is truly a cosmopolitan city.You get to see people of all nationalities, of all shapes,sizes,complexions, speaking different languages.Here and there  while travelling in the local buses, it felt good to hear hindi/tamil/telugu randomly.

 Serene Lippy river flowing through the heart of the city.

 It was 2 'O Clock.My stomach was completely empty.Just barged into SuperMacs and had a Burger Meal.

Felt really bad to spend 6 Euros for a Bun and finger chips, while i had spent 2 Euros to Travel 200 Kms.

 One of the many statues on O 'Connell Street
 The spire on O ' Connell Street
Waited for 10 minutes in the intersection just to take a snap of one of the High tech trams on O ' Connell Street.

The Trams reminded me of our very own trams in Kolkata.
Just barged into every other mall in one of the many shopping bylanes on O'Connell Street.

It was already 3:55 pm and had to run to catch my Bus at 4.

Sitting in the Bus back home, i promised myself that i would come back to Dublin again some day(as if it was impossible to get back to Dublin) and experience various aspects of this beatiful city-A city which truly made me feel that i was in Europe.

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