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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to take the right decision ?

Success, they say is nothing but a series of right decisions taken at the right time. But, how do we know our decisions are right, let alone the time.
Here are a few leads that i have got through my personal experience :
  • Know what do you want from life : You need to be clear in what you want from life. Otherwise you might choose something that is  completely not aligned with your goals and might repent later.
  • Be clear on what you stand for : You must be clear on what are your values, ethics and what you consider right and wrong.This will tremendously help you make the right decisions.
  • Letting things go : You are where you are in life, because of the decisions that you have made in the past. There might be a few situations where you feel , you completely goofed up by making a choice. Do not carry the guilt of having made the decision for a long time. The negative feeling will go away with time. Learn from your mistakes and do not do them again.
  • When you are faced with difficult choices to make : There will be times when it is very hard to make a choice. It seems like you want everything. But you need to understand the hard truth that you cant have it all. You need to decide based on the priorities at that point in your life. You will always miss certain things and feel that your life would have been different , if you had made the other choice. 
  • Do not weigh in the options too much : Too much thinking will spoil your decisions. They must be somewhere between spontaneous and well though out.
  • The spiritual way of taking the right decision : As the famous spiritual thinker Deepak Chopra says in his book "7 Spiritual Laws for Success" : Firstly ask yourself -" Would this decision that i am taking bring happiness and fulfillment to me and my loved ones ?". If the answer is yes go ahead and take that decision. If you are still unclear on what to do, take a pause from your thoughts and ask yourself the question - " How would i feel , if i make this choice ?" and wait from the signals from your heart. It might be the faintest of the feeling , but you know its there. You will know what feels right and what is wrong. You might say the heart is emotional and mushy and does not use logic while making a decision. But , the heart is in direct touch with the cosmic supercomputer, which can make a series of  space time events to get you what you want.
Hope you find this was insightful and will make the right decisions leading to success.

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