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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My first punishment(high school) ...........

It was our science class .As usual our sci teacher(I want to take his name. But........)asked some question .The whole class started discussing the answer.There was this sudden rush and noise in the class.

Dont know what made that stupid teacher take note of me,When the whole class was shouting.

He yelled at me and asked me my name. I was sitting beside my dear friend deepesh.He asked me,Who was i kotesh(meaning monkey in kannnada) sitting beside deepesh.He asked me why was i talking?.

I said -"i was not talking.But was only discussing the answer with my friend".

He said-"If u had an answer,u shud tell me idiot.Not ur friend.From today on,u must sit all alone in the last bench.If i see u sitting anywhwere else,i will kick u out of this class".

I silently moved to the last bench,though there was no mistake from my side.

The issue was not over yet.He came the next day. As soon as he came,he started asking for me.I was not sitting in the last bench.He was furious.He was shouted at me and asked me to get out of the class & stand near principals office. He also said that he wud kick me out of the school.

I was a timid guy that time.I silently moved out ......

He made me stand near the principals office for nearly TWO hours....Fortunately by that time,our beloved class teacher DVN (yes i wud love to take his name) was passing by.DVN came to me and asked me why was i standing there?I narrated the whole ramayan.
DVN sir took me to this teacher and told him that i was not that kind of a boy and made me ask sorry for no mistake of mine.

I hated this teacher for the rest of my high school days.Because he humiliated a little boy for no mistake.Even now i cant forget that incident.

U may say that i am holding onto something as silly as that.But i didnt know why i cudnt let that incident go off my mind.

But now when ilook back.I feel "Thank god such an incident happened.Had it not happened i wud not remember this stupid teacher and his insensitivity towards kids & iwud not have this story to share with you".

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karthik said...

Sitting in the last bench in $@#'s class!!! Thats like the best thing to happen to anyone. Its like free attendance for all of one's academic life :) He was the GOD of piteel . You got away easy. (maybe because of ur 'gym-body') Some unfortunate souls(rambhatta comes to mind,although there have been many in the receiving end) have had the taste of his thrashings....

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