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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its the Journey, not the Destination that matters

We are obssesed with our dreams.We are always in a hurry to reach our destination.In this hurry-burry we tend to forget the path we traversed to reach our destination.We forget the people we met , the experiences we had, the lessons we learnt during our journey. These are the people whom we will meet again at some point of time and then we will realise how important they were and the role they played in you reaching your destination.The same is the case with the experiences both good and bad that we had during our journey.So, i would say that -"It is the journey, not the destination that matters". I literally  learnt the true meaning of this phrase yesterday.

We had planned for a small weekend picnic at a nearby place.We had to walk for about 6 kms to reach the place.Our plan to start at 11 got delayed due to various circumstances and finally we started at 3,knowing the fact that it would get dark in another 2 hours.The walk  was truly memorable, as this was the first time i was exploring a foreign country and that too on foot.The chill weather coupled with mist added even more colour to the atmosphere.Then started our photo sessions with each one of us posing in different ways looking in different directions.As we moved on, we started entering the uncharted teritorry with some lonely houses here and there, completely  decked up for christmas celebrations with little cowardly dogs barking at us intruders , who had spoilt the calm atmosphere with our continous chatter.

The roads started getting narrower and narrower with the light going dimmer and dimmer.Then came the graveyard with spooky trees all around .We tried to click some pictures there and got some smoky figures in the photo.Offcourse it was the fog, but it gave us a new topic to start using our imagination and weave some stories of paranormal activity.We also found some old deserted houses with no human being till kilometers ahead.Then there were crows sitting on the electric wires, which reminded me of the movie: Jeepers-Creepers.In doing all this we had almost forgotten that we had some destination to reach.But, it was too late as the sun had gone down completely and it was not safe to go ahead anymore.

We were not at all dissapointed that we could not reach our destination because we had so many sweet little memories all through our journey ,that the destination did not matter much.One of us was even of the opinion that we had already crossed our destination.We also had plans of telling everyone that we reached our destination and the walk was really good,but unfortunately that did not happen.Our long walk was worth it, even though we did not achieve what we had set out to.

The same is the case with our lives. We need to set our goals,but we should not be blind to the things that we come across while walking towards our goal.It is these people,experiences both good and bad that makes us realise the true meaning of achieving our goal. These are the ones that show us a different path, in case we dont reach our set goal.

So, i say it again-"It is the Journey, not the destination that matters".


Sumantha - As Wise as a Serpent said...

Good Stuff Nithin!! Reminds me of the popular saying "Live Life King Size!!".

Sai said...

"One of us was even of the opinion that we had already crossed our destination.We also had plans of telling everyone that we reached our destination and the walk was really good" -- ha ha ha :-)
Good One. Thanks for making it more memorable.

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