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Friday, April 2, 2010

Making a Village Self Sufficient : Education

  • Each Village should have a Government School having classes till 10th standard.All the kids above 4 years must be able to attend the Schools.
  • The Building and other Infrastructure Costs can be shared by the Government and Corporates.
  • Every School should have sufficient no. of Teachers and other staff.Educated male/Females in the Taluk or nearby Villages can be appointed as teachers.They can travel Using the Village van to and from their Homes.
  • Every School to have CISCO Telepresence so that remote teaching can be imparted to the Kids.Teachers in prestigious Schools in the cities should be able to take specila sessions for the village students using this facility.The same can be used for other purposes also like telemedicine.
  • NGOs and other Corporates will be invited to impart special training to the kids in the weekends.
  • Meritorious Students should be provided Scolarships and other awards to encourage them further.
  • Teachers should also be recognised for their work

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