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Friday, April 2, 2010

Making a Village Self Sufficient : Employment

  • Each Village to have a registry of workers under different categories like agricultural workers,carpenters,black smiths,mechanics,painters,etc. Complete details along with contact information is to be maintained properly.Any one searching for labour can access this registry and contact the respective people.This registry can be maintained at the local Gram Panchayat office.The same can be used for schemes like NREGA.
  • Each Village is to have Transportation facilities to the taluk headquarters and the neighbouring villages.This can be achieved by operating Vans of suitable capacity between the Villages.This job can be taken up by a group of village youth.Loans can be provided under PMRY scheme.This will provide employment oppurtunities to the village youth.
  • There is a great demand for certain skilled workers like gardeners,etc in the cities.People who have some specialised knowledge about agriculture can accept contracts with individual residences in the nearby cities for looking after their gardens for a suitable monthly fee.They can fix a definite schedule and travel to the cities, finish their work and return back to their homes.Such people can register into a Registry after which their contact information will be put up on a website.People in Urban areas can get the contact information from the website and get their work done.
  • Every district should have large no. of industries which can provide employment oppurtunities to the educated youth in their respective districts.This would prevent large scale migration of youth to the cities in search of jobs.They should be able to travel to work on a daily basis.

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